Super Conference 2017 - Payment Plans
Act now to reserve your Super Conference ticket and pay over the next 3 months with a payment plan. 

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There are Three Tiers of Ticket available to the public. 


Platinum attendees will get the full VIP experience of Super Conference. For all four nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), you're going to be taken out by our instructors to the BEST clubs in Las Vegas. Last year's class had VIP bottle service at Hakkassan (With Calvin Harris performing), followed by Skrillex at Encore the next night! These venues are the best clubs in the world and the platinum students learn how to operate and dominate in some of the best and most competitive environments, with the most attractive women in the world, guided by the best instructors Love Systems has to offer. 


Super Conference Gold attendees get an experience that is carefully crafted to create an incredible transformation over the course of the weekend. On Friday and Saturday nights, after being given a solid grounding in the techniques we teach to create a huge transformation in our students, our Gold Students will be given the very same in-field instruction that the Platinum Students get on Friday and Saturday. That means supportive instructors, gorgeous women from around the world, the top clubs in the world, and an experience that is both a LOT of fun and incredibly transformational. 


Super Conference Silver attendees get complete access to all the main stage talks, the breakout training sessions, and 1 on 1 instruction from the instructors.

But in the evenings, as the Gold and Platinum attendees are preparing to go out with the instructors, the Silver attendees are getting a pep talk and getting ready to go out as a community.

As part of the Silver package, our instructors will help you organize and prepare for a night out as a team. You're going to build great connections, learn to wing with guys just like yourself, and have a wild weekend in one of the world's greatest cities. We also have FREE nightclub passes to the first 60 guys who sign up for Super Conference silver, so you won't have to worry about paying for cover or needing to spend a lot of money to get in.

The Silver experience is all about growing, building your skills, and building your community. Silver is an incredible opportunity for guys who are new to Love Systems, and Silver attendees can upgrade their tickets at any time simply by paying the difference in price for the higher ticket. 

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$233/mo for 3 Months
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SPECIAL HOTEL RATE: YES, I want to lock in my special hotel deal and reserve 4 nights accomodation at the Linq Hotel in Las Vegas NV, August 24-27, 2017. I understand Love Systems will be making the reservation on my behalf, and that my reservation is with Ceasars Entertainment & The Linq Hotel. I understand that this charge is for 4 nights hotel only, and does not include Resort Fees, Incidental Fees or any other charges that may be levied. Customer Support, Cancellations & Service are to be handled by the Linq and Ceasars Entertainment. Total charge ($476 + 13.5% tax = $540.26 one-time payment)

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