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A NEW Online Dating System from Derek Cajun, Author of the Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating. 
Love Systems is proud to announce Charisma Decoded, an online intensive course that will break down and decode the essence of natural charisma, and show you how to be the kind of naturally charming guy that women want to be with.

What Makes Meet Your Match Truly Unique?
Drawing from a decade of dating coaching experience, we designed this course to help regular men worldwide find real success online. With this course you're going to learn how to overcome the obstacles that hold men back from really making a connection online.  
Meet Your Match
Meet Your Match is an Online, 4 Hour Video Course That Will Teach You Everything You Need To: 

1 - Build a Powerful Profile to Draw The Right Kind of Woman In

You don't need to be good looking to make online dating work for you - but you absolutely need a strong, confident profile that makes women stop and pay attention. 

In the first portion of the course, you are going to get all the tools you need to build the kind of profile that stands out above the rest and gets real results online. 

Discover the 5 profile building mistakes you are making that are turning women off. 

Learn what to write in your profile so that women STOP and read it (and want to learn more about you). 

You’re going to learn how to communicate ALL your best qualities, without coming across like you're bragging. 

You'll find out the psychological triggers that will make women want to respond to you.


2 - Have Charming, Compelling and Charismatic Online Conversations - Available March 21st 

The most desirable women online get dozens of messages a day - but only a small minority of men know how to lead a woman's emotions online and actually grab her interest via messaging. 

In the second portion of the course, we're going to show you the secrets to charming, compelling and charismatic online conversations, so you're standing head and shoulders above the rest - and in that 5% of men that women actually WANT to meet. 

You'll learn five messaging strategies that virtually GUARANTEE a response. Even from the most attractive women. 

You'll get access to live videos of actual Tinder conversations with instructors, broken down and explained to you so you know exactly what works and why. 

You'll discover conversational strategies that will keep your conversations interesting and compelling, so your matches and connections never get stale or boring. 


3 - Build Real Chemistry, Desire and Deep Attraction Online - Available March 28

Good conversation can set you above the rest, but chemistry, desire and deep attraction are the skills that will make her want you, not just want to chat with you! 

In the third portion of the course, we're going to show you how to create real, intense and deep chemistry with women online, so they're not only eagerly responding to your messages, but they're dying to meet up (and hook up) quickly. 

You're going to learn the three triggers that get women turned on in online messaging, and how to activate them anytime you want. 

You're going to learn to discover easy ways to tell when you should move the interaction forward and get flirtier, and when to back off. 

Discover the three signs that she wants to meet up with you ASAP (and the signs that she's wasting your time).

You'll discover how to kill neediness, so you can express interest confidently without every coming across weird.  

You'll learn the 3 things that kill chemistry, so you never blow it with a woman who wants to meet up with you. 


4 - So You Can Make Real Life Connections - Available April 4th

Your time is valuable, which is why our system is going to help you move from match to the date as quickly and effectively as possible. You're going to learn how to avoid the cycle of wasting time online with women who won't meet up. 

In the fourth portion of the course, we're going to give you an easy to understand system for making dates happen, without having to spend a lot of money, or waste hours on online dating sites. 

You'll learn how to identify, early on, the women who are really interested in meeting with you, and the ones that are wasting your time. 

Find out the three things a woman needs to know about you (and feel about you) to take things to the next step, and how to create those feelings reliably. 

You'll learn the number one emotional trigger that makes the difference between meeting up and fading away. 

You're going to learn how to know exactly the right time to ask for the date, so you're never too early or too late. 
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Your Instructors

Derek Cajun

Senior Instructor at Love Systems, author of the Gentleman's Guide to Online dating and star of the TV show Keys to the Vip. 

Chris Shepherd

Senior Instructor at Love Systems. Author of "Be The Man She Wants".