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Learn To Attract Women From The World's Leading Dating Coaches
Talk To More Women In One Weekend Than Some Guys Do In Their Entire Lives!
Become the Man who is friends with everybody

What if you could learn, in one weekend, how to unleash your inner masculinity and attract women so easily, your friends will wonder what happened to you?

What if you could go through your life with no more missed opportunities, awkward conversations, no more getting put in the friend zone or feeling out of place or shy in social situations?

Introducing the 2017 Social Rockstar Super Conference. 

The only social conference that has been proven to help men with their dating and relationships for over 10 years with thousands of attendees, and a guaranteed track record. It’s been featured on ABC nightline, Dr. Phil and the Tyra Banks show all concluding that the event works, and it works well.

You WILL Become the man Other guys Envy
Do you ever get noticed by women? Have eyes or smiles thrown at you? Maybe you feel a sudden pang of inspiration to go and say something! But then you try to think of what you would even say and end up talking yourself out of it.

What about when you see a beautiful woman while you’re out having a drink? Do you approach or talk to her? Or do you have another drink before you can muster up the courage. By the time you found the courage, is she still there, or is she now talking to the guy who didn’t stall?

What about when you finally worked up the courage to go and say something to that woman you like? Maybe you walked over, and just said the first thing that came to you. She looked bored and you struggled to keep the conversation going. Eventually she excused herself and left. Was it what you said? Was it you? What happened?

What about that guy at the end of the bar? The guy who has a gorgeous woman he just met hanging off of him. He’s not especially good looking, but he has this confidence that even you can see. Where did he learn it? What is the difference between you and him?

The difference is that he learned how to do it.
What if I told you that YOU could be that guy.

YOU could walk into a room and have women immediately notice you?

YOU could be the guy who blows his friends away by confidently approaching the most gorgeous woman in the room and making her instantly smile and start flirting with you?

What if you could be taught how to do this all over the course of a single weekend?

Even if…you’re ugly or out of shape
Even're not rich
Even're overwhelmed with anxiety about even the thought of approaching a woman

And ESPECIALLY if you’re the guy who wants to be able to take action and once and for all change the way women see you, and have more options than you’ve ever had before.

The Most Trusted Name in the Business

Love Systems has been teaching dating and relationship seminars for close to 15 years. The first super conference was in 2005 and it has been held annually in Las Vegas every year thereafter.

What started as a meeting of a few dozen like minded men who wanted to better themselves together over a weekend in Las Vegas has grown into an international phenomenon. Over the course of the past 15 years we have broken down exactly what makes men attractive to women, and how to communicate it. We discovered it isn’t just about pretending to be the man women want, it’s about actually becoming him.
We facilitate this by teaching over 30 hours worth of advice packed into a single weekend. We go out with you into environments where you’re able to practice what you’ve learned and have our instructors show you first hand exactly how to be the guy who can attract women with ease. We coach you every step of the way, fixing every little issue that we uncover that keeps you from becoming a charismatic man so that by the end of the weekend, you won’t even recognize yourself.

Love Systems has been featured on ABC Nightline, The Dr. Phil Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Playboy Magazine, Men’s Health and countless other media outlets all over the world. The conclusion has been unanimous: our methodology works...and surprisingly so.

With thousands of clients all over the world ranging from all walks of life, from Astronauts to CEOs to University students, the company has always had a singular purpose and goal:

To help men and enable them to live the life they want.
What kind of life do YOU want?

Get This Part of Your Life Handled. Now.

There’s a million reasons you can come up with to not attend the Social Rockstar Super Conference. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t need help, maybe you feel you’re hopeless, or maybe even the thought of walking up to a beautiful woman gives you crippling anxiety.

Whatever it is, THERE IS A SOLUTION. We’re here to help you and we have designed the Super Conference to address your specific issues and guarantee as much growth as possible so that you walk away from the weekend a CHANGED man. We absolutely guarantee this.

Our 20+ world class Instructors are present to help ease you into conversations with women and be there every step of the way, watching and giving you feedback to make sure you succeed every night you go out.

Before you leave, you will also receive a plan for going forward. So that after the super conference you will know exactly what you need to do to achieve the lasting growth that is promised.

The Only Conference Of It’s Kind

The 2017 Social Rockstar Super Conference is the only conference that includes over 20 world class Love Systems dating coaches who will be going out with you to Las Vegas’s premiere clubs, and demonstrating how to meet women - right in front of you.

That’s right, your own personal wingmen. Guys that are the best in the world at what they do, helping you to make sure you get the experiences that will help you grow.
Love Systems has the strictest requirements in the industry for our coaches, we understand that anybody can go around spouting advice claiming it works, but here at Love Systems, we don’t just talk the talk...we walk it. All of our instructors are former students who have excelled and stood out for the growth they were able to accomplish on their journey.
Anybody can date a gorgeous woman. Our instructors date the most sought after women on the planet and can teach you how. To become an instructor means you have an ability with women that few in the world possess. All of our instructors must first be recommended by two separate lead instructors, and then train for a year before being tested. They need to prove they can consistently work a room, attract the most beautiful women and teach men how to do it.  Failure to do any of these consistently means another year of training. We only hire the best.
And it shows...our instructors put James Bond to shame and must be seen to be believed. They are proof that being successful with women means being successful in life. Our instructors are now highly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, musicians, authors, scientists, and actors but they started out in exactly the same place as you.
They will show you exactly what to say and do - and watch you closely. Often it’s what we don’t see or realise about how we communicate that really hurts our abilities. Having a trained coach watching your every move, and giving constructive feedback that will allow you to instantly fix all your issues will save you YEARS of trial and error.  
Imagine being able to learn how to dunk from Michael Jordan or learn how to skate from Wayne Gretsky? That is the real value here, we’re going to pair you up with the best in the world and have them train you all weekend long until you get it.  They will be your mentors, your wingmen, and your friends.

The Social Rockstar Super Conference is the ONLY conference in the world that offers this.
Our goal: to help you surpass your own limitations and achieve the life that you want.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It
Here’s What Past Attendees Are Saying:

Mark Denton, Web Developer

"The Love Systems Social Rockstar Super Conference gave me the confidence and skills to meet and attract women. My dating life has changed dramatically since attending. This was probably the best investment I've ever made in myself. " - Mark

Dan Fairrington, CPA

"I was a bit skeptical heading to the conference, but that quickly changed when I attended the first training session. These guys are the best dating coaches in the world and it shows. After training with them for 4 days, I feel like a new man. I now have more confidence than ever and have overcome the fear of approaching random women."

Love Systems has successfully helped tens of thousands of men all over the world achieve their greatest dreams when it comes to dating and relationships, and the Social Rockstar Super Conference is where it all comes together.

No matter where you are, whether it’s having trouble meeting and approaching women, being stuck in the friend zone, or just wanting more options, you will learn EXACTLY what you need to do to take control of your love life and become the guy who makes it look easy.

Our methodology has been put through the ringer, with professional psychologists, famous journalists and authors, celebrities and talk show hosts all attempting to expose what they thought was a dishonest, false and morally wrong system of teaching.
After seeing our methodology first hand, and realizing that it wasn't just silly lines but a system that consistently created real attraction from women, they all unanimously agreed that not only was it an overwhelmingly positive experience, it actually worked, and it worked very, very well.

At the heart of all of our teaching at the Social Rockstar Super Conference is the goal of helping men to become more fearless, attractive and successful in ALL aspects of their life.

What Happens Over the Weekend?

The Social Rockstar Super Conference is designed to give you the biggest change possible over the course of a single weekend, no matter what level you’re at.

In order to do that we needed to jam pack the weekend with content. There are two types of presentations at the super conference that overlap:

Main Stage: The main stage presentations go over theory and practical information in a seated auditorium environment. The instructor will present on a topic such as body language, and then using slides and examples, will break down exactly how to move when talking to a woman for the first time. Instructors will take questions at the end and note taking is encouraged.

Breakout Room: The Breakout room topics are covered with exercises usually done in small groups with an instructor leading and other instructors helping each group. The breakout room presentations usually cover topics that require more active demonstration and practice.

Depending on your ticket level, most attendees will arrive on Thursday or Friday morning. By 10am Friday morning you will be getting registered for the event while receiving a private consultation with an instructor who will go over which pieces of the seminar (Main stage or Breakout room) you should be focusing on for your specific issues.

At around 7pm when the presentations conclude for the day, the real fun begins. If you’re a silver ticket holder you will have received a free pass to one of Vegas’s hottest clubs to go out and practice what you learned with your other Silver ticket attendees. There will be time to get together, get to know each other and arrange the plan for the night.

If you’re a gold or platinum ticket holder, there’s a 2-3 hour break to have dinner before meeting up at the hotel lobby to take a limo to our private table at one of Las Vegas’s premiere clubs.
You will be arranged in small groups with a handful of instructors specifically chosen to coach you throughout the night.
You will get to see our instructors showcase first hand how to use the information you were taught and then get to practice it yourself, all under their watchful eye.
No matter what happens, you will always have an instructor an arm’s reach away to help you with whatever it is that you need, whether it’s advice, help with logistics or even be your very own wingman. They’re there to help you.
At 2am the coaching is concluded, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the party ends… it is Vegas after all.

On Saturday morning there is a debrief from the previous night where you will get feedback from your instructor team about what you did right, what you need to work on, as well what your plan will be for the Saturday night.

The Saturday works the same as the Friday with presentations that focus much more on building attraction and how to turn friendly interactions into much more provocative ones.

Saturday night is another night out with a VIP table except this time your group has switched so you will be with fresh instructors at a new venue. Saturday night is when a lot of the magic happens! Most attendees have everything *click* which is why there are many stories from the famed Super Conference Saturday nights.

Sunday morning is another debrief with a focus on moving forward after the conference. Then another jam packed day of seminars before the closing ceremonies at 7pm.

For those that don’t want the fun to end we offer a full schedule of add-on programs including extra live training nights, personal consultations and a full day-game program amongst many others. All of which happen before, during, and after the super conference with little to no schedule conflicts.

What will you get?:

  • Three full days of training and instruction from the best dating coaches in the world.
  • A once in a lifetime networking event - Meet, network and befriend other successful men from all over the world who are looking to improve their lives. Forge lasting friendships by bonding over a shared fearless approach towards taking control over your social life.
  • Feedback and advice helping you become more successful with women... no matter where you’re at skill-wise
  • An experience of a lifetime. Partying like a Rockstar alongside the world’s best dating coaches in the world’s greatest party city
  •  Experience approaching and flirting with more women in one weekend, than you have in your entire life
  •  Learn how to never run out of things to say, avoid the friendzone and be the most interesting man in the room
  •  Become a more fearless, attractive and successful man
The Event
  •   Access to all seminars and breakout rooms for the core conference. (Over 30 hours of content!)
  • Free entry for Friday and Saturday night to some of Las Vegas’s hottest clubs (first 60 seats only).
  • Access to all of Love Systems instructors to pick their brain before and after seminars.
  •  Customised advice based on your specific issues.
  •  Lifetime access to our advanced lounge and private facebook groups.

Gold - Includes all Silver benefits plus:
  • Friday infield night - Go out with instructors to learn how to approach and create attraction.
  • Saturday Infield Night - Go out a second night with instructors to learn how to take attraction to the next level.
  • VIP Shuttling to night venues.
  •  Free VIP entry and table with bottle service for both nights out.
  •  Debrief on Saturday and Sunday morning going over previous night’s experience.
Platinum - Includes all Silver & Gold Benefits plus:
  • VIP reception with ALL instructors on Thursday night in private suite
  • Thursday night VIP club entry with private table and bottle service including private infield training from ALL instructors
  • Friday morning private debrief
  • VIP Entry to Private closing afterparty mixer with all instructors on Sunday evening.
  •  Sunday night VIP club entry with private table and bottle service including private infield training from ALL instructors to finish the weekend.
Love Systems Dating Training

Imagine spending an entire weekend with the world's top dating coaches learning exactly what you need to do to attract the most beautiful women in ANY situation.

100% Money Back Guarantee


That’s right - simply come to the Super Conference with an open mind, participate as best you can, and if it doesn’t work for you you can get your MONEY BACK. So it’s RISK FREE.
The Time is Now

Imagine seeing a woman you’re interested in, and instead of feeling fear and anxiety, you get excited at the thought of getting to approach her so that you can get to know her?
What would it be like to return to your day to day life, after just one weekend as a more confident, social and successful man?
This is the only three day event that will give you lasting change that pours over into the other areas of your life.
In the weeks following super conference you will notice a positive shift in your relationships with women, but also in your friendships and the relationships you have with your family members.

Imagine yourself in a year from now. You’re the guy who has options in his life, maybe dating a beautiful woman that you never would have even been able to approach, let alone date, a year earlier. Your friends see you differently, so does your family and your boss. You’re more confident, healthier, and most importantly happier. Life is good.
If not now, when?
Our Early Bird Pricing is ending soon which means that now is the only time you can attend The Social Rockstar Super Conference for this price.
With our 100% money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If you come to the Social Rockstar Super Conference, do your best and still think that it’s not for you, then we will refund your money.

What Are You Waiting For?
Love Systems has successfully helped tens of thousands of men. Let us help you now!