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My New Video Course - Authentic Attraction - is based off of a decade of research and experience, and is going to show you how to become a guy who never has to settle, and has 100% CHOICE of the women he dates.  
In this video course, I'm going to share the little-known secret to Meet, Attract, and Build a Real, Authentic Connection with women that most guys find unapproachable and intimidating.

Has This Ever Happened To You?
  • You freeze up and run out of things to say when talking with women
  • You get nervous when approaching
  • You know there's chemistry, but you don't act on it
I’ve been a dating coach for over a decade. I’ve worked with men all over the world, from Perth, Australia to Stockholm, Sweden to New York City. 

And what I have learned is that no matter where you come from, there are a few crucial skills that every man needs to learn if he is to improve his dating life. 

Now, there are a lot of guys out there who will promise to give you some "tricks" or fool proof techniques that will help you "get" women. They'll tell you to say this, touch here this way, act just like this, and you will get the girl. Pretend you don't like her. Insult her.  

But in all my time of helping men, there is one thing I have realized. 

Improving your success with women means improving yourself at a deep level.

And that is what the Authentic Attraction course is all about. It's about learning the crucial skills that every man needs to develop to have a successful love life, but building those skills authentically and naturally using a system that me and the team at Love Systems have built over more than 10 years. 

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The Crucial Mistakes That Most Guys Make That Hold Them Back From Success (And How to Fix Them)

Mistake Number One: Holding on to Limiting Or Negative Beliefs That Hold You Back.
Most guys massively underestimate the role that beliefs play in their success and failure with women (and at life). 

The fact is, the kinds of women you connect with depends not just on the things you do in your interactions, but HOW you do them. And HOW you do something - whether you do it confidently, shyly, boldly or bashfully - depends on your beliefs

Chances are, if you are like most people, you haven't really thought about your beliefs and how they are affecting your success with women - after all, your beliefs just LOOK like reality to you - but that's where we start in the Authentic Attraction course. 

Let me give you an example of how beliefs affect your success with women: 

Picture your ideal woman - Picture how she looks. Picture what she is wearing. Now picture her personality. Is she smart? Ambitious? What job does she do? Does she like it? What are her hobbies, her passions, her motivations?  Try to picture your ideal women in as much detail as possible. 

Ok, now there's one more question - what does she like about you? 

Your answer to that question says a lot about you, and reveals your beliefs about yourself. Your answer to this question is going to shape how confident you are going to feel when you meet her. It's going to shape what you talk about, how you talk about it, and whether you even TRY to make a connection with this woman when you meet her. 

Some guys answer this question and they say "I don't know" - that's because their beliefs about women, and their beliefs about themselves aren't "in synch". They don't think they're good enough to date the women they want to date. Or at least, they don't know they're good enough to date the women they want to date. 

These guys wind up self sabotaging when they meet their dream girl. If they see her, they don't start talking to her. If they start talking to her they don't STAY in the conversation. If they get into a good conversation they don't turn things flirty. If things get flirty they don't try to get her phone number. If they get her phone number they don't call. And so on. 

Other guys answer this question with something about themselves, they might say "She'll like my drive and my success". That's awesome, because these guys KNOW they have something of value, even for their ideal women. They know they are a catch.

But even for these guys - if they rely too much on one thing, they're going to NEED that thing to feel confident. So the guy who feels like his success is the thing that makes him attractive is going to be limited to dating women who notice and admire his success and he's going to miss out on women who don't notice his success (such as when he's travelling away from his social circle) or who don't care (because they care more about other things). 

I firmly believe that in dating and relationships, more than any other area of your life, your beliefs shape your destiny. I'm going to give you the tools to challenge the beliefs you hold and see what the REAL truth is, for yourself.

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Mistake Number Two: Not Taking The Initiative
A lot of guys have heard the advice "Just be yourself, and eventually you'll meet the right girl". 

Now, imagine if you went to the career counsellor in highschool and they told you "just be yourself, and eventually you'll find the right job". 

I think you'd agree that that was BAD career advice!

But why is the same advice considered the gold standard in dating advice? 

Here's the thing - there's nothing wrong with "being yourself", if by being yourself you mean not being fake. In fact, that's what the "authentic" part of "Authentic Attraction" is all about. 

But "being yourself" should not mean: Don't improve yourself, don't take risks, Don't take the initiative. 

After all, you know that all good things require a bit of work. 

But even if you accept that "Just being yourself" isn't enough, and you need to grow, most guys still suffer from another problem:

How do I take my dating life into my own hands without getting shot down or rejected? 

The answer to that is - in order to take the right action to improve your life, you need to have the right knowledge. And that's where Authentic Attraction comes in - I'm going to take you through a safe, natural, 3 step system you can use to start conversations and create a real connection with women almost anywhere, whether it's at work, a cafe or a nightclub. 

Most importantly, by the end of this course you're going to have all the tools you need to start taking the initiative in your dating life - approaching and starting conversations with women who you would otherwise find intimidating, and creating real connections as a result. 

Nothing creepy, nothing fake. Just the knowledge accumulated from 10 years of helping men all around the world with this exact problem. 
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  •  How to move in a way that will captivate her
  • An easy trick for making her hang onto every word you say
  • How to make anything you say sexually charged
  •  How to never get put into the friend zone again
  • You Will Get Immediate Access to Three 1 Hour Video Training Sessions, Along With "Homework" To Practice What You Learn.
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